Piano rolls for sale

A total of several ten thousand piano rolls was produced for the different pianola systems and reproduction instruments. With some luck you may find well to very well preserved and perfectly playable piano rolls even today. In addition, many recently punched copies of the most frequent piano roll types can be acquired. We always offer piano rolls from our piano roll collection for sale as well. If you are interested, please ask us whether the desired piano roll is currently for sale.


Stock of piano rolls

The stock of piano rolls changes all the time, due to additional purchases and sales, thus the piano rolls described in the lists below are only examples of the huge number of possible titles. Some of these rolls are not for sale - we can produce copies of them on request, though. At the moment we are offering the following roll types: Aeolian 65 note, Hupfeld Phonola 72 note, Hupfeld Animatic 88 note, Aeolian/QRS/Meloto/etc. 88 note, Welte red, Welte green, Philipps DUCA reproduction rolls, Hupfeld Tri-Phonola, Hupfeld Clavitist. The prices vary according to type, condition and title. If you buy many rolls, we will be happy to offer an attractive total price.


Examples of piano rolls available

Below you may find an exemplary