125 Years Hupfeld

Hupfeld had been Europ's leading manufacturer of mechanical pianos. Nevertheless reasearch had been focused on M. Welte & Soehne (Freiburg) so far. This starts change. The Grassi Museum (Leipzig) and the Staatsarchiv Leipzig, supported by Saxony, launched a website dediated to the Hupfeld company. Hupfeld. Soon, all the presentations given during Hupfeld Symposiums Dec 2nd/3rd 2017 will be available here as well.


Hupfeld documents...

Great news: A huge part of the authentic Hupfeld business documents (20 meter shelf archiv) has been preservied! This is annual reports, product descriptions, patents, photograph books, and, of pecial interest: Conctracts with artist. This allows for a much better desearch compare to Welte and others. Adding to this, many documents are with private and public owners - jopefully these will be published and made available easily.


Hupfeld Photographs...

An incredible valuable source of informition are the Hupfeld photographs books. Hupfeld had his own photo studio in their building - they took pictures of anything relevant to their business, i.e. products, staff, material, etc.. Nine of these books are with the Staatsarchiv in Leipzig. Another book is owned by Siegfrieds Mechanisches Musikkabinett, Rüdesheim. With the courtesy of Jens Wendel, we are happy to share this book here on our webpage. Again - we would like to inspire other private and public collectors / fans to join into sharing material you might have.

Hupfeld photographs book "Abbildungen 18/24 601-700" for download. [71.103 KB]