Feurich DUCA piano

Built: 1912
Serial number: 26763
Mechanism: Philipps DUCA
Height: 1.48 m

This Feurich DUCA piano is rather unique in its splendid design. As you can see from the original advert this model is the promoted one. The case resembles the contemporary Hupfeld DEA pianos. The Philipps DUCA reproducing technology obviously uses some Welte patents -and even enhanced some aspects. The quality of reproduction is pretty high. This piano has been preserved very well. The DUCA player mechanism had no damages - just the normal aging of the material. The acoustic piano part had been renovated by the previous owner already.

During the restoration we replaced all the rubber, leather, tubing etc. elements that required renewal. Using the original test roll for the DUCA piano we adjusted the player mechanism to the required standard. As this is one of the very few renovated Philipps DUCA instruments, it is even more valuable.

Today this unique piano is part of a piano collection - sometimes being used for special concerts.


Feurich DUCA piano

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