Pianola restorations

We realised many restoration projects during the past years - and received many friendly feedbacks throughout the years. We would like to present some examples...

Examples of restorations

Restoration of pianolas and push-up players - project examples

Examples of Pianola restorations

Here we are presenting projects that mostly concerned an authentic high-quality restoration of the original splendor of certain instruments, often instruments that we traced for specific customers. We gladly offer many years of experience – including knowledge of those few experts who incredibly mastered the various specializations in almost any subject of restoring (grand) pianos.

We will be glad to address similar projects with you. Please, contact us!

Pianolas being restored

Rönisch Kastner Autopiano Welte-Mignon push-up player Feurich DUCA Piano
Welte-Mignon Cabinet Grotrian-Steinweg Phonola Hupfeld Phonola push-up player
Hupfeld Clavitist pianos Ibach-Welte grand piano Testimonials