Welte-Mignon push-up player

Built: approx. in 1910
Serial number: 711
Mechanism: Welte-Mignon T100 (red)
Height: 1.0 m

Only very few of about 1000 Welte-Mignon push-up players built may still exist - and almost none of them are in the original condition. This exceptionally beautiful and originally preserved Welte-Mignon push-up player could not play anymore, due to normal ageing - also a flywheel was absent. Since only a very high grade and authentically restored push-up player will again achieve the quality of reproduction that has made Welte-Mignon worldwide famous since 1904, the push-up player was completely restored in 2010. Investing enough time, all working steps were carried out. Because the Welte-Mignon push-up players from this time were not built "service-friendly", a high amount of restoration effort was required. Comprehensive knowledge of material is necessary to create the conditions that the variety of different concerted parts of the push-up player will perfectly work again with each other.

As a result, the push-up player plays again at the highest level at different pianos and grand pianos. Knowing the fine regulation possibilities allows to adjust the push-up player to different instruments. Key weight, response of sustain and soft pedals and sound and dynamic behavior have to be considered. Considering the huge repertoire of used and new piano rolls, Welte-Mignon push-up players offer a unique music experience.

On YouTube you will find several sound examples of this beautiful Welte-Mignon push-up player. Today, after restoration, we offer the push-up player for sale.


Welte-Mignon push-up player restoration

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