Welte-Mignon Cabinet

Built: approx. in 1909
Serial number: 22071
Mechanism: Welte-Mignon T100 (red)
Height: 1.65 m

Out of about 735 Welte-Mignon cabinets built, which was the first design of the Welte-Mignon instruments, only very few copies exist today - and almost none of them in the original preserved condition. This Welte Mignon cabinet has been untouched for several decades and temporarily served moths, woodworms and mice as a hiding place, the instrument is accordingly in need of restoration. Only one element of the construction was still preserved. The Feurich piano notch and action, the Welte-Mignon self-playing system and the oak case had to be completely and extravagantly restored. The work has done - this instrument is now in original and completely restored condition.

On YouTube you will find several sound examples of this beautiful Welte-Mignon cabinet. Today, after restoration, we offer the Welte-Mignon cabinet for sale.


Welte-Mignon cabinet restoration

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